Happy Birthday Epiphanie!

28 de setembro de 2010

Hi Guys! 

It's been a while since the last time I've write here.. I'm so soooorryyyyyy... but  million things happened during this time, we move out to our apartment ( thanks' God it's definitely!) and our Internet here SUCK, really, they NEVER connected the wi-fi and is really boring been stuck at the wall, and the worst is that only one person can use the internet... welcome back to internet stone age!!!

But not only bad thing had happened, carol is back from canada (ok, that's not new but I never had talk about it here before..haha), and she brought amazing things, include a heart key necklace from Tiffany & co. for me, It's gorgeous!!!! later I will post pictures from my new baby jewelry , you guys will LOVE!! =D, and also, she brought Andrea's new camera, a Canon 500 D.. you guys have NO idea how amazing is this camera, and I've discover a new profession : Model...haha...and I'm good..kkkkkkk...ok, not THAT good, but I have sense of poses, thanks' Alix.

So, the reason for this post is this AMAZING giveaway from Epiphanie website, where we can win a Canon 5D, you don't think this is amazing??!! =D, but not only for that, Epiphanie have the most amazing  cameras bags for girls, and participate it's truly amazing!!

So, I hope we'll win!! will be good for our future business!!! 

cross your fingers and wish us luck!!!

I will let you with our picture from the giveaway!!

Happy birthday Epiphanie!!

I promise I will not let you with no news, and I will keep posting photos and random news!!! and I think I will write more in English, will be good for me and I hope I receive your support..hehe... until my French it's perfect..haha

Love you guys!!!

you know you love me



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anna carolinne disse...

eeeee.. a new post... thanks for remember me... hehehe. i was looking at the pic and wondering about that purse that i´ve never seen before... so finelly i realize is photo montage hehe... i´m such a dumb... kkkkkkk but is such a nice pic girls... i hope you guys win that new camera... will be pretty good to take more perfect pics!!! my writing is terrible(lola feelings)hehehe... andréa will correct me... sureee!!! xoxo

Camila Guimaraes disse...

Hi Gorgeous, I think I am losing my English, it is a nightmare?! It'll be a nightmare. Good Look, really luck, I would love to see the picture, you make a good time together, and Carol can look for the financial, think about that girls. I really big hung in everyone.

Fafa disse...

Hey lady. You forgot to say I'm back (snif!). I can forgive you only if you lend me your necklace...hahaha. And yes, I'm already crossing my fingers for you win the new camera, ok? When you said "your businesses" you meant to say mine as well, right? LOL! Kiss ya gorgeous. I love you! Muaw.