Rainy day!!

5 de outubro de 2010

Hi guys!!!!

I'm back in less than two weeks ... hahaha..I told youuuuu!!!! well, unfortunately we lost that AMAZING giveway, that I told you at last post, was sooo sad!!! but whatever, now I have to save money and buy a camera, 'cause if I wait for giveaways I will never get one..hehe..

So, this week it's been extremely boring, nothing to do at work and Brasilia it's so hot!!! The good new its that yesterday I got my tourist visa for US and now I can go back after more than one year, but honestly?! I'm not excited with this, I really wish go to Europe next year, will make me more happy!! =D

So, this weekend FINALLY rained here in Brasilia, was such a good day with an amazing weather, and we decided go out for minutes and take some photographs and show you my new you think that it's a Alexa mulberry (my new it-bag desire)?? NO WAY, it's from Forever 21 (believe meee), I was searching for this kind of bag (old school style) for a long time and we find this one at Forever 21 website and I fall in loveeeee, than we bought and sent to my mother's friend in Miami, and mommy, who went to miami last week, brought to me =D yyyeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!! I loved!!!

So I let you with amazing photos taken from my sis Andrea, at last saturday rainy day!!

P.s: please don't look to my hair, when it's raining he looks so much with garnier fruits commercial and Monica's hair at 9th season, on the final episode ... kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Photos: Andrea

This Friday me and carol will go to Ana Carla's weeding in Goiania, will be a short trip, and we will back on Saturday.

Fafa, my dear friend, I'm sorry for never mention that you back, but I need amazing pictures and you deserve your own post..hehe..lOVE YOU!!!

You know you love me



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anna carolinne disse...

hi jaiminho.... hehehe... just kidding!!! that purse really surprise me couse when you told you wanted to buy that alexa purse i always said: noo... is terrible, like a postman bag!!! but when you bought that from forever 21 i really loved!!! is such a beautiful purse!! nice pics déa... where i was this day? i guess i was sleeping...hehehe.. rainy day always make me sleep a lot... so good!!!!! lov u!!!

Camila Guimaraes disse...

My Dear, I have been shopping those days too, and I bought so amazing staff, I'm sure you could enjoy it more than me. Was a lot of shirt that you love, and it was in Promotion.
Love you

Andrea disse...

don't worry... one day you'll have your own alexa.. haushaushaushau
saco de escrever em ingles.. hehehe
depois a gente faz mais photoshoots =PPP